modeling my last place medal

Today was day 3 of nationals and day 2 for me. I got to the pool this morning around 8:30 and it was already hot out. It only got hotter from there so I decided to wrap myself in a black rubber suit, that’s an excellent idea right? I spent all day drinking water, Gatorade, Cytomax, and whatever else I could forage out of the Gold Medal Sponsor tent.

Once I got myself situated I went in search of my last place medal from yesterday’s 200 breaststroke. Thanks to the magic of Disqualification I got myself all the way up to 8th place, whoo! So there is my big medal from the meet. Next year my haul should hopefully be more substantial.

My first event today was the 50 free. When we stepped up on the blocks the dude in lane 8 took a tumble into the pool. I think the start from the other side of the course caught him off guard and he lost his balance. Once he got back up on the blocks they had us stand down and wait for the other course to start another heat. After 5 minutes of getting on and off the blocks we finally got started. I think I had a pretty good race. I took one breath out and 2 on the way back. I came in at a 25.39 which is a best time (dropped from 25.49). I wore my new B70 and it felt pretty good in this event. Heidi got some video from the race…

Up next was a couple hours of hanging out while waiting for my 100 fly. I got to see all kinds of people and watch a bunch of friends race. I baked in the sun, but I had a lot of fun watching 1600 people swim their brains out today. I also got to meet Rowdy Gaines and talk to him briefly. He’s sponsored by Blueseventy now and was set up back in their booth signing autographs and taking pictures. He was super nice and took the time to talk with everybody, not to mention extremely fast in the pool today! 50 free in a 21.3 today, smoking!

Eventually my magic moment arrived… the 100 fly. I have mixed feelings about this race. My time was decent, I swam a 59.30, but I wasn’t totally happy with my swim. I decided to wear the B70 for this race and I don’t think it was the right call. It felt like I had a gallon of water sloshing around in my suit dragging me down. I don’t know if it was just air in the suit and it felt like water, but whatever it was it felt like it was slowing me down. I think the suit may not be particularly compatible with me butterflying. It feels fine in freestyle, fly I’m not a fan so far. Anyways… I digress… I had a bunch of friends watching and cheering for me and that was pretty awesome. I got some video of this one too. Now that the SCY season is over I’m going to use this to start picking apart my stroke and figuring out what I can change to make me faster.

Tomorrow I’m not swimming anything but I decided to stay in Clovis until Monday when I do the 1 mile open water swim. I should be at the pool hanging out and swimming in the warm up pool for a while tomorrow.

Patrick and Me

Me and Ahelee

Joel and Me, apparently something happened over there —>

Me and Heidi

The CSAM Crew – Me, Nancy, Julie, Erin, & Peter in the back

Me and Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy signing Peter, why not?

Fat guy in a little suit

In the heighth of swim meet fashion

Pondering my impending 100 fly

…I almost forgot! I shaved my arms in the name of science Friday night. It felt super fast/weird in the warm up pool, but I didn’t feel a difference in my races since my mind was in other places. Growing all that hair back should be exciting… let the awkward itchiness begin.

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