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waiting for the 50 fly

Today was my first day of swimming at the 2009 USMS SCY Nationals Championships. What a fantastically huge meet! Swimmers everywhere! Overall I had a good day and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been working on meeting some people in person that I haven’t met in yet today. I got to meet Henry from Texas, Erik from Swimmers Year 2009, the spectacularly mustachioed Jim Clemmons, and John who reads the blog introduced himself to me while I was on my way to swim the 50 fly. If you’re a reader and you see me say hi! I really like getting to meet all you people! I also got to hang out with my long distance teammates from Conejo Simi Masters, Ahelee (who destroyed the 400 IM National Record today!!!), Joel from the 17th man blog, Patrick from Rosebowl, and a bunch of my other SoCal swimmer friends. I think this meet would be fun even if I weren’t swimming just for the all the people.

This morning me and Heidi had intentions of getting to the pool in time for warm up in the competition pool. A weird traffic snafu made me just late enough to miss it. Since I had a while before my first event I went shopping instead :) Even though I shouldn’t have, I accidentally purchased myself a B70… oops. I won’t get into the suit here. I’ve only done one race in it and I can’t pass much judgment just yet, but I have mixed emotions about it. I wore it in the 50 fly but switched back to my Tracer Light for the 200 breaststroke. Tomorrow I’ll wear the B70 for the 50 free and decide after that if I want to wear it for the 100 fly.

My first event of the day was the 50 fly. This is one of my events that I really wanted to swim fast in. I was in like heat 35, but they chewed through heats really fast in the 50 since they were running 2 courses just like Pacific Masters Championships. I feel like I got a solid start and some decent dolphin kicking, I do feel like I surfaced earlier than usual because the suit made me float differently. My turn on this race was pretty ugly. It was like coming up on a yellow light when you’re driving too fast. Glide or stroke? I took an awkward half stroke that I kinda wish I wouldn’t of. I felt fine on the way back but I still think I could have gone faster. All told I swam a 26.79 which is a best time by about .15 seconds. I’m happy with the time but a little disappointed with the swim.

My other event today was the 200 breaststroke. Like I’ve said before it isn’t my forte, but why not give it a shot. I swam a 1:14 for the first hundred which is 1 second slower than my best 100 time… turns out I took it out a little too fast. I died the second hundred. I finished with a 2:43.31 which was good enough for 8th place which sounds really good until you put it in the context of there were only 10 guys swimming and 2 DQed. Don’t tell anybody though, let me pretend I’m awesome for a while. I had turn timing issues on this one too. I don’t know what it is about me and this pool. Hopefully I get it ironed out tomorrow, I want a big swim for that 100 fly!

The facility at Clovis North is outstanding and the weather is super hot. Bright, bright sunshine all day. The officials, timers, and meet staff are all doing a great job. As an added bonus Rowdy Gaines was there today and he started helping at the announcer’s booth around lunch time. It was really cool, he spiced up the 200 breast and really got the crowd going. Tonight I’m looking to make my way out to dinner with Coach Nancy, Ahelee, and some of the CSAM kids. Tomorrow back to the pool! See you all there.

me and Henry from MOST

warm up pool

competition pool

doing the speedsuit dance… yes that is a B70 ;)

random action

the coaches section, I see Ande and Ahelee in there

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