Masters swimming is built on volunteerism and that’s probably a big part of what makes it such a great organization to be involved with. Through their hard work of the volunteer staff USMS has grown to upwards of 50,000 members, and to continue to grow and manage the organization USMS needed to cultivate some professional staff. A vital part of this transition is setting up a national headquarters to house the growing professional staff.

Way back in February USMS had picked Sarasota, FL from about 6 different potential cities as the future home of its headquarters. They have now found a building in Sarasota to operate out of and are in the process of transitioning from their temporary Charlotte office to the new Sarasota office.

They found a funky little pagoda style building that used to house the Sarasota welcome center and it is currently being renovated to accommodate up to 13 staff members. Here are a couple of pictures of the building:

It’s a little weird to set up shop in a pagoda, but hey why not? If you want to see more pictures you can see them here.

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