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Swine flu, H1N1 virus, hamaggedon, bacon lung… whatever you want to call this hamdemic… it has really captured the over active paranoid imagination of the American public. USMS Executive Director, Rob Butcher, has sent out an e-mail in regards to any possible cancellation of USMS Nationals. Basically the show will go on as planned unless the Feds come in and shut it down which is incredibly unlikely.

Here’s Rob’s letter:

Dear U.S. Masters Swimming membership,

In response to concerns regarding the swine flu, I would like to confirm to you that we are in full operation mode to host the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course National Championship next weekend. We are monitoring federal and state authorities guidelines, warnings and protocol. In the event the authorities mandate or strongly recommend the cancellation of outdoor sporting events, we will follow suit and cancel the championship event. If authorities do not mandate the cancellation of outdoor sporting events, we will host the championship event as planned.

Should the event be canceled because of federal or state mandate, we will advise accordingly.

Thank you, and see you next week,

Rob Butcher
Executive Director

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