I don’t know what my problem is, but I’ve been getting the most intense cramps in the backs of my legs the last 2 weeks. It happened to me at dinner in Clovis, I had to get up from the table before my leg locked at a 90 degree angle. It happened to me during a meeting yesterday at Google, that one I just had to pretend I didn’t have… easier said than done! Today I was half way though my workout and I pushed off the wall and my thighs just seized up. Not a good time! I ended up cutting my swim short because I couldn’t push off walls without reactivating my super cramps. Oh well.

The first half of my swim did feel pretty good though. I was smooth in the water and my 100 fly was really strong.

Repeat x 2
400 free
100 kick

100 fly

2 x 100 IM

float, stretch and mutter obscenities

100 cool down

1400 yards total

Tomorrow I am off to a concert in Santa Barbara so no swimming for me on Thursday, but I should be back in action on Friday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get down to Santa Maria and workout with them. So far I really like swimming with a group again.

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