First off, why would I even ask that question? Let’s be honest… I have a mild desperation to swim really fast this weekend. Like unreasonably fast for a fat guy in a swimsuit, so I’m exploring all my options for going faster. I’m doing a semi-taper and I’m going to wear my TYR Tracer Light (although I have talked myself into and out of buying another speedsuit of some sort), so now I’m down to crazy person stuff like shaving.

My legs will be covered so those are fine. Plus I wear shorts to work and I don’t want to have to explain why all of a sudden I have shiny, silky, smooth legs. My head is shaved all the time anyways so that is covered. The goatee is staying, sorry, it balances out the feng shui of my noggin. So that basically leaves my arms. My forearms are somewhere between Wolverine and Robin Williams hairy so this would be a substantial undertaking. Is it worth it? I can already feel the growing back itchiness… ugh.

So what say you? Should I shave or should I grow now?

I can’t believe I’m letting the internet help decide whether I shave my arms… feel free to leave discouraging comments below :)

11 Responses to “Should I Shave My Arms for Nationals?”

  1. Glenn says:

    Shave ‘em Rob. Not only will it increase your feel for the water… the chicks will dig your smooth skin afterwards… uh.. for a day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    …um I’m a chick and I SO would not like you to have smooth arms afterwards! Eww!

  3. Rob D says:

    Glenn I’m thinking about it but I’m not sure if I can really do it… hence letting the internet attempt to persuade me.

    $5 says the anonymous comment is Heidi… I thought this would get her attention! ha

  4. the17thman says:

    You should do it. I already did step one with my mangroomer shaving away the curly thick hair. Next step will be at the hotel as I take the blade to the skin. I do it at the hotel to save myself the clean up. Poor La Quinta cleaning staff.

  5. Ahelee says:

    Hell yes – you better do it!

    Can’t believe you are EVEN asking about this!

    GO ROB – 57!!!

  6. Rob D says:

    I was a notorious non-shaver in high school. I only shaved down one time because the coach threatened to not swim me. I wouldn’t even wear a swim cap even back when I had long (or any really) hair.

    It’s funny to see what a no-brainer it is to swimming people and how it is the most ridiculous thing I could have ever brought up at home. Heidi thinks I’m out of my mind and will make fun of me mercilessly if I do it… we’ll see what wins – speed or domestic tranquility :)

  7. Erik Sterne says:

    It looks like you better start the shave down ritual pretty soon, and then do a touch up job. Start with the clippers, then go from there. When I went to my first big “away meet” several years ago and noticed I was the only hairy swimmer, I turned to the blade soon thereafter. Good luck.

  8. Rob D says:

    Thanks Erik, I definitely don’t want to be that-hairy-guy… not the distinction I am after. I need to give my head a fresh shave tonight and we’ll see where it goes from there.

    I hope your shoulder mellows out and lets you swim fast this weekend!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why is this even a question? So, supposing it only gives you a quarter of a second on your 100 fly – it’s the cheapest and easiest quarter of a second you’ll ever get…

  10. Rob D says:

    It ended up as a question on the blog because I’m pretty sure I should do it, but I really don’t want to… so I am letting the internet peer pressure me into it.

    You bring up a really good point though, shaving is probably the cheapest thing I could do to feel faster in the water.

  11. Rob D says:

    You win internet… just shaved the arms tonight. I decided to be scientific about it and swim Friday regular and then Saturday shaved. Hopefully it’s worth all the effort!