I got a great e-mail from Patrick who is a friend of mine that swims with Rosebowl Masters. He’s a regular at the SPMA meets and I mooch shade from him and his wife on a regular basis at swim meets. Patrick is a lot like me in that he took an extended break from swimming and is now chasing his times from high school. Well Patrick just took down young Pat in the 50 back! Here’s part of his note to me that I asked him to let me share with the rest of you:

I have been chuckling all day about a phrase you coined, in reference to doing better as an adult than as a fit and trim teenager, you had said when you went under 1:00 minute in the Butterfly, Old Rob had beaten Young Rob. Well Old Patrick has been chasing young Pat in the 50 and the 100 Backstroke since I started swimming in 2007. Well it finally happened Old Patrick caught and beat Young Pat in the 50 yard Backstroke, what a rush! Young Pat had gone 28.70 and felt that this was not ever going to be beaten. Well Sunday Old Patrick went 28.69, O.K. it was only by 1/100th but it was still faster than the swim in 1981. So in my mind all day I was laughing about Old Patrick beating up on Young Pat – that punk Kid. The score still stands Young Pat 14, Old Patrick 4, but the fight goes on.

Congratulations to Patrick and good luck to him in his ongoing battle against his aquatic youth! Next up is that 100 backstroke… it’s just a matter of time until he breaks the minute barrier and takes one more event back from young Pat!

Patrick and I at Masters Nationals in Clovis

4 Responses to “Score One More for the Old Guys”

  1. The Screaming Viking! says:


  2. Ahelee says:

    I watched Pat ROCK that 50 back in Clovis! He was throwing his arms like I have never seen him do it before!

    Congrats to you both – that is totally inspiring!

  3. Abby says:

    Congrats Pat!! I’ve been describing my masters times as “Adult PB’s” to indicate my fastest times since getting back into this. I guess I need to take a page from you guys and just swim fast enough to take away the qualifier!

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