I’m still riding high from a great weekend of swimming with my friends, but my body doesn’t share my excitement! My lats, arms, quads, and various other muscles are hurting. I’ve got some weird sunburn/tan-lines to deal with too. Tan feet, pale legs, a t-shirt tan with B70 lines burned into it. From the back it looks like I was wearing a sports bra… kinda awkward at the gym :)

Anyways I went for a little recovery swim this evening to loosen up my abused muscles. I swam about 2000 yards in a pretty casual manner. No sprints or fast stuff.

It was a pretty complicated workout, here you go:

Repeat x 4
400 free
100 kick

2000 yards total

Today at work I managed to negotiate some 2 hour lunches in the course of my week to do lunch time workouts with a masters group in Santa Maria. I’m thinking I’ll go workout with them twice a week and handle the rest of my workouts by myself as usual. This also leaves me room to make my way up to San Luis Obispo at least once a week to swim long course in the morning. But right now the plan is to drop in on Thursday and see how I like swimming in Santa Maria. It already has one big plus for me right out of the gate, Santa Maria happens to be the home to the closest In-n-Out burger to my place… mmm fatty post work out goodness…

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