I’ve been ridiculously busy this week. I swam Santa Clarita’s LCM meet on Sunday, I spent the day at the Googleplex in Mountain View on Tuesday, I caught Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction in Santa Barbara on Thursday, my book on Adwords made it into the system at Amazon on Friday even though I don’t even have a copy from my publisher yet, and Saturday was Heidi’s graduation from LVN School. I’m not sure if I slept in the middle of all that excitement or not. Luckily it’s a long weekend and I have some time to catch up… and start looking forward to this summer.

So here’s what’s scheduled within reach of my place…



At a minimum I’m planning on hitting all the regular SPMA meets. There’s a relay only meet on July 5th in Mission Viejo, but I don’t know if that one is in the cards… depends on what the rest of my team is up to that day, I’m game if they are. Unfortunately the PMS LCM Champs are the same weekend as the Santa Barbara meet. I like to do an out of region meet since I’m right on the edge of my region, but this is the only LCM meet Pacific Masters is having. Depending on how I’m feeling I might be able to hit the last day of that meet, I’ve done more ridiculous things to go swimming. There’s also a meet in SD that could be fun but it is pretty close to the SPMA championships so I’m on the fence about it.

This year I think the SPMA LCM Championships in Thousand Oaks is going to kind of be like LCM Nationals West. I overheard a good number of out of state folks talking about making the trek to California instead of Indy for various reasons… distance, cost, weather, personal grudge matches, etc. If you’re on the other side of the country or have the dough to make the trek out the real LCM Nationals, they are in Indianapolis this year on August 6-10th. You can check out the main info page for 09 LCM Nationals here. As it stands right now I don’t think I’ll have the time to do Indy. I’ve got a trip to the midwest planned for September already. Hopefully I see a lot of you out at the pool this summer… now I just need to start actually doing all the work to be fast!

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