I spent ONE day up in Mountain View at the Googleplex away from the internet and the entire swimming world goes completely insane. FINA finally released a list of approved suits, sort of. As usual there is a lot of maybes mixed in and a lot of retesting to be done. I wish they were capable of black and white decisions that don’t have multiple caveats built into them. The big shocker is that B70 did not have a single suit approved even though some incredibly similar suits did. They were very publicly confident that they would make it past this round of testing. They’re busy appealing the decision, all the suits that failed have 30 days to do so. Originally USMS said they’d pretty much adopt FINA’s list when it was released… hundreds of masters swimmers are holding their breath to see what actually happens.

Here’s a round up of some of the news of the day…

  • The approved suit list via Swimming World Magazine

  • A letter from Dean at Blueseventy
  • The TYR Tracer Light and Rise remain legal!
  • The USMS Forum goes nuts over the news
  • So maybe the B70 passed and they failed it anyways?
  • Floswimming’s interview with B70′s CEO on the matter:

    I’m not sure where all this is going but I’ll keep the blog as up to date on it as I can.

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