I have some really cool news about one of the Masters Swimmers that was profiled on the site last year! Marcia Anziano, who told us about how she didn’t even really learn to swim until she was 49, is planning to swim across the English Channel as part of a relay. How cool is that?

I spotted an article in the Denver Post that featured Marcia and one line caught my eye…

“Next for Anziano? Just a little leisurely swim — across the English Channel.”

I sent her an e-mail right away to learn more. Marcia is swimming the Channel as 1 of 6 swimmers in a relay. Basically they’ll each cycle though a 1 hour leg until they hit France. She is swimming with a team called the Swim Dogs based in Colorado. They’re planning to swim in Late August/early September. They’ve started a Channel Blog that you can check out here.

I’m really excited for Marcia and the rest of the Swim Dog team! I’ll try and keep the blog up to date on the relay once they get out there and start swimming. In the meantime you can read the feature article about it on the USMS site, or follow the Swim Dog Channel Blog.

One Response to “Masters Relay Across the English Channel”

  1. Ahelee says:

    A relay???
    Come on…

    Guaranteed Marcia will come back from Dover planning her solo crossing!!!

    But seriously, doing a relay swim for a marathon swim event is a good way to test or experience the waters.
    The swim legs are short, usually not more than an hour at a time.

    Have fun guys!