In a glimmer of hope for the B70 faithful… I came across the following in a post from Swimming World Magazine:

In other news, U.S. Masters Swimming released the following statement regarding the impact of the FINA ruling on Masters in the U.S.

While FINA has listed the 202 approved swimsuits, FINA has NOT listed the 10 suits that have been “rejected for not passing the tests of buoyancy and/or thickness” or made a ruling on the “136 swimsuits to be modified in accordance with “Dubai Charter”.” Until FINA provides the definitive list of banned swimsuits and specific actions on the 136, we should not report any suit as banned in a USMS sanctioned event.

With FINA’s policy of not releasing banned suit information, Masters swimers in the U.S. will likely be swimming in whatever suit they want until further notice.

Source: Swimming World Magazine

I’ve got some e-mails out to see if I can get a more solid quote or a press release or something to back this statement up.

Basically USMS is saying if it has been legal it is still legal until explicitly banned from competition. I think this is the best possible answer they could have come up with given this situation. Numerous suits are still being retested and may still be legal. Also FINA refuses to state which suits are completely off the menu. I figure there are probably lawsuits and injunctions en route to this whole mess thanks to letters like this.

Stay tuned…

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