I usually don’t swim at my gym on Sunday because I’m out of town, at a swim meet, or busy being lazy. Turns out that was the right idea. Luckily I got my lane of choice, but the rest of the pool was full of slow moving noodlers… I had to be nice and try to not splash the lady next to me when I swam past her. Personally I think it’s pretty stupid to get in a pool and try to not get your hair wet, I guess being bald I just wouldn’t understand, but I figured it was best not to disturb the noodlers since I was grossly outnumbered.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick
250 free

100 fly (1:10 from a push)
2 x 50 fly

100 free easy

50 free sprint
50 breast sprint

4 x 25 sprint from mid-pool focusing on turns

200 cool down

1450 yards total

Again my yardage was nothing to get excited about, but I really pushed a lot of it. Tomorrow should be more of the same and then Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be just staying loose.

2 Responses to “Attack of the Noodlers”

  1. Vagabond says:

    damn noodlers!

  2. the17thman says:

    Years ago when I first started swimming again I was asked by a noodler not splash them in the pool. If I recall I told her piss off. Afterwards I so thought I was going to be banned from my gym. Luckily I didn’t think she spoke much english.