**UPDATE: Meet results have been posted here.

What I lack in speed I make for in attendance :)

This afternoon I swam at the Santa Clarita LCM meet… apparently not all of you got the memo… attendance was a little light. The crowd that was there was great though. Most of the SPMA regulars seemed to be out and we even had some from Pacific Masters and Arizona out there today too. The meet had a casual no-pressure vibe and I really enjoyed myself. The weather was good and bad. It was super nice and sunny, but it was also 100+ degrees! There was a decent breeze most of the day that took the edge off the heat, but if you were on the pool deck barefoot at all, it wasn’t a mistake you made for very long! The concrete was scorching hot and the downside to swimming all 50′s is after every race you were 50m from your shoes. Luckily we developed a system where Kathleen (Patrick’s wife) would watch the races and take pictures, videos, what have you… then she’d scoop up shoes and sandals for us and drop them back off in the shade of the timer’s tents. Best idea ever. My feet salute you :)

I originally was scheduled for 5 events but I decided to drop one when I saw how fast the meet was going to go. This was round two for my Blueseventy suit and I wanted to give it a fair shot in 4 at least moderately rested 50′s so I let the 100 fly go. This turned out to be a pretty good idea. We jammed through the non-1500m portion of the meet in like 2 1/2 hours. I should have a B70 review or some kind of B70 vs. Tracer post out shortly (sneak peak: I like the Tracer Light better).

My first race of the day was the 50 free. I didn’t really have a goal in this one besides making sure my time started with a 2. I was in the last heat and there were about 4 of us that seemed, at least from my vantage point during the race, to be very evenly matched. I touched at 29.48 which was good for first in my age group, and I’m not positive, but I think I was second overall. Since there’s no turn I tried to build up speed and then power my way through the race the best I could. I’ve been playing with more of a straight arm freestyle in short sprints and I’m strong enough to do this for maybe 30 meters… much more than that and it all falls apart. I’m going to keep playing with my freestyle because I feel like I’m stuck on my 50 and I think my current stroke is built more for a longer distance.

Next up was my 50 fly. I swam a 30.something (they still haven’t posted results so I’m not sure exactly what I did) at San Luis Obispo about a month back and I wanted to hit a 30 or better again here. I focused on being long and relaxed. As much as it sucks to lose 1 wall per 50, it does give me a chance to build a really good rhythm in the water. I hit the wall at 30.63 which I believe was the best time in that event today… not exactly something I am used to saying but I like the sound of it!

My last two events were right on top of each other. I swam the 50 back and then within 10 minutes I was back on the blocks for the 50 breast. My 50 back was ok for me but it’s really not my event. I felt like I zig zagged a little too much on the way down the pool but my actual swim felt as solid as me swimming backstroke is bound to feel. I touched at 36.98 and damn near broke my thumb in the process. I hit the pad fast and wrong. A few hours later I’m still sore but I’m ok, it works, it just doesn’t like me right now. My breaststroke felt faster than I expected. It wasn’t actually fast, but it felt good… if that makes sense. I finished in a 39.31 which really shows how bad I need turns and pull downs in breaststroke. That’s 7 seconds slower than my SCY time!

All told, this was a good meet for me. I got myself some baseline times and got to spend the day with a good group of people. I even got a sweet pile of blue ribbons to make up for the beating I took at nationals in my age group! I don’t have them just yet, but I should have some more pictures and videos from this meet sometime soon.

**here’s an awesome picture from today that I just got my hands on!

Warm Up

Sweating to death while waiting for my first event

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