I play with the internet for a living so I have a tendency to pay real close attention to where my website’s traffic comes from. I took the searches that brought visitors to my site and picked out some of the ones that came in question form. I did this with my business’ web site a few months ago and it was kind of fun so I thought it would be amusing to do here too. So here we go… these are all actual searches.

  • Swim anyone??????????
    Yes please

  • How many lengths of a swimming pool is 2.5k?
    Depends… 50 lengths in a 50 meter pool, 100 lengths in a 25 meter pool, and 109 1/3 lengths in a 25 yard pool.
  • How to get a masters swim card?
    Click the giant “Join Masters” button on the left hand side of the site or go to www.usms.org/reg/ and follow the directions. You can do the whole thing online in less than 10 minutes, easy.
  • Masters swimming Sweden 2010 qualifying times?
    These were just recently posted, you can get the link to the time sheet here.
  • How good is the TYR Tracer Light?
    Personally, I really dig it. You can read my review here
  • How many swims does Tracer Light have?
    I’m up to 3 meets and 13 races and it’s still in great shape.
  • Are SwimPlan workouts good?
    They weren’t really my thing, but I think the site is useful and a good deal (it’s free).
  • Did the old Blossom Athletic center in San Antonio have a high dive board?
    No idea hombre.
  • Difference between Blueseventy Reaction and Sprint?
    About $100 :) Basically the Sprint is an entry level suit and the Reaction is more serious (I own a Reaction wetsuit). Check out the specs on Blueseventy’s website.
  • How do i get a second off my 100m?
    Swim faster by about a second :) If that doesn’t work, try focusing on tight streamlines off the walls. You’re never faster than when you’re pushing off a wall, don’t give up any of that momentum with a sloppy streamline.
  • How to tell if your lawn needs water?
    I seriously got a visit out of this? I guess if it’s brown it’s time to go to work. But don’t take my word for it, I rent.
  • I think rob like me
    Sure buddy.
  • Is 27.7 50 free yards good time?
    Anything can be a good time depending on age and physical condition. If you’re happy with your time it sounds like it’s a good time to me.
  • Is it good to swim without a bathing cap?
    If you’re bald like me, yes. If you have hair… I am not the person to ask.
  • What does swimming unattached mean?
    It means that you are a registered member of USMS but you are not a member of any particular team. Really the only thing it stops you from doing is swimming on relays.
  • What to expect at swim meets?
    I wrote a whole post about it here
  • What’s a good time in to 200 im in swimming?
    To me, my 2:27 (SCY) felt pretty good. I’d like to go 2:15ish some day.
  • Which suit is faster jammers or leggings?
    I’d have to say leggings. They’re giving you more slicker than skin surface to work with.
  • Who wears square leg suits?
    Not me, but I do own one.
  • Why do i get seasick when i swim laps?
    Sounds like a weird inner ear thing. Maybe you just need ear plugs. Ask your doctor.
  • So there you go. Random questions answered randomly. If you actually have a question for me feel free to ask. I can’t promise to actually know the answer to anything, but I might know the right person to ask. Worst case scenario I am an excellent Googler.

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