It is unbearably hot out here on the coast. I grew up in cold weather and I am ill equipped to deal with the heat. One of the nice things about living on the coast is that it gets warm but never super hot. Well today it was 99 degrees at my office in Grover Beach… and you might say big deal, turn on your air conditioning… well basically nobody around here has air conditioning. So now what is probably one of the most laid back areas in the state is full of angry, sweaty people… awesome. Luckily I have a pool to swim in!

I hit the pool tonight and did a short workout. Partially to cool down from the heat and partially to cool down from my meet this last weekend. I’m still a little sore and I want to keep swimming through it, but I don’t want to hurt anything because I am racing again this weekend. I actually started with a real workout but it devolved into me just swimming what I felt like.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick
400 free

100 fly
50 fly
50 fly

100 easy (free/kick)

2 x 50 fly fast
50 free sprint

50 kick

300 cool down

1700 yards total

Tomorrow I should be back to my regularly scheduled programming. I think I’ll need to mix in at least 1 early morning LCM workout as prep for the meet in San Luis Obispo on Saturday. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever raced LCM in my life so this should be interesting. Deck entries are available if you’re not swimming at the SPMA champs this weekend.

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