They way my business works, the first 3 days or so of my month basically suck. I’m at the end of day two right now and I’m pretty surly at the moment. Generally I’m a very mellow friendly guy, but steer clear of me on the second business day of the month! This month day 3 should hopefully end on time… unfortunately as soon as I’m done at work it’s right into the car to drive the 3-4 hours to LA. Ugh. At least it’s for a good cause (UCLA SCY Whoo!)

Last night on Facebook I posted the following status update:

It seems to have struck a chord with a few friends. Apparently a lot of us use the water as a temporary escape from reality. There really is something liberating about floating. Swimming really seems to take the edge off and relax me. It’s also uninterrupted time to myself which is nice because I’m overstimulated most of the rest of the day. People talking, phones ringing, email, twitter, txt messages, TV, radio… constant bombardment. At the pool I can’t hear anything and honestly I can’t even see the faces of the other people swimming because it’s so dark at my pool. It’s just me and some walls.

Anyways… not sure where I was going with that. I guess it’s your deep thought of the day from an angry guy that likes water. Enjoy and have take personal reflection time :) Me, I am off to the pool.

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