I’ve gotten to the point where I have “my” lane. No one else knows this, but the far lane by the wall at the Pismo Beach Athletic Club after 8PM belongs to me. Sorry, that’s just how it’s gotta be. They need to make up a little sign so people get the word.

So imagine my shock and displeasure when I got to the pool tonight and there was some dude floating in my lane… grrr. I had to start my swim in the janky middle lane. I had walkers in the lane next to me and big plastic circles for the filter system in the middle of the flip turn “T” on each wall. Lame. Mid way through my warm up the trespasser got out of the pool so I grabbed all my stuff and floated down to the end of the pool before someone else could snag my precious…

Here’s tonight’s workout:

Warm Up
Repeat x 2
400 free
100 kick

2 x 50 fly
100 kick

3 x 200IM
100 kick

300 cool down

2200 yards total

I felt really strong in my first 1000 yards but I sort of gassed out after that. I finished everything that I wrote out for myself but at a much lower intensity than I meant to. I probably swam 3 of the slowest 200 IMs humanly possible. Hopefully I can kind of build up my swimming through the week so that I’m good and ready for the Pacific Masters Championships this weekend. I’m planning on swimming Saturday and Sunday so I have a bunch of races I need to be ready for. I don’t feel particularly ready at the moment but I’ve got 3 more days to work on it before I have to drive up to the bay area.

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