So, as it turns out Joel isn’t cracking 50 seconds in his 100 fly and Splish isn’t making a super slick hydrophobic nanotechnology using tech suit. Tony broke the news here on the SCAQ Blog and Joel fessed up here.

I’m still pretty proud of my photoshopped picture of Joel from an undisclosed Utah newspaper :) I’m still surprised nobody called it out on any of the blogs running the story. It’s a mix of a picture from Joel’s Twitter, Tony’s fake Splish suit picture, and a picture from my last meet at Santa Clarita.

While we were busy make believing that Splish was making a super suit I ended up buying one of their real suits for myself. They make all kinds of weird designs, and well, I enjoy weird stuff. I got myself the suit below, but I was tempted to go all out and get the pink shimmer just for fun. Maybe later… I used to race in a sparkly silver Nike suit when I was in High School, I was semi-famous for it.

Splish Swim Suits

I hit the pool kind of late tonight and got in a decent little workout. The first of the month is always pretty stressful in my office so I needed to go float and reset myself. Tomorrows not looking much better, but at least I got myself back to normal. I can’t wait to race at UCLA this Saturday.

Here’s tonight’s workout:

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick
400 free
100 kick

200 IM
400 Free
200 IM

100 Kick

200 Free cool down

2100 yards total

3 Responses to “The Swim-spiracy is Outed”

  1. Ahelee says:


    Dawn Heckman comes up with the coolest stuff!

    I have had several over the years.

    One of my favorites was a real looking globe. I wore it at Worlds in Stanford…
    But that was before all the tech suit madness.

    SPLISH suits are for practice only now.
    But I bet Dawn got a real kick out of your April Fools Day blogs!

  2. the17thman says:

    Stay back from the pink shimmering suit. That is on my future shopping list. For days when the Pink Plaid is just enough color for 6am practice

  3. Rob D says:

    Don’t worry Joel… you’re safe for now. I’m still not sure that I could get away with wearing that in public.