There’s some big news brewing in the masters community… you may have already seen this on the SCAQ Blog, but I just had to share the big news here on my blog as well. Joel, a friend of mine and writer of the17thman swim blog, has been grinding it out in masters meets and getting faster and faster. At 39 years old he just swam a 48.08 in the 100 fly at a meet out in Utah!

He attributes his success to a mix of hard work and a radical new suit from Splish. The science involved in this suit goes beyond anything we’ve seen from the other manufacturers, but best I can tell it would be legal under new suit guidelines. The suit Joel is pictured in will need some modification to be legal in future competition however (swimsuits covering the arms have been outlawed).

A picture of Joel in his Splish suit from a local Utah Newspaper

I’ve been trying to get a hold of Joel all morning to get more info on what’s going on, but he’s been bombarded with media attention. He has released some info on his blog and it looks like I’m going to have to wait like the rest of you to learn the full extent of what’s going on. Read more here, and here.

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