I just did my last short practice before I go on a whirlwind tour of the entire SPMA region in one weekend. Tomorrow I’m planning on hitting the SLO Seahawks Spring Fling which happens to be a Long Course Meters meet at the very end of Short Course Yards season… why not. It is also the northernmost pool that holds masters meets in SPMA. Once I am done up there I need to drive 250 miles south to Mission Viejo for the last day of the SPMA SCY Regional Championships. Mission Viejo, I believe, is the southernmost team in the SPMA region… any further and you enter San Diego Imperial. This season I’ve been to every SPMA meet except 1 (scheduling conflict) and I made my way to two that were out of my LMSC. I did the math and by the end of Nationals I will have traveled roughly 4738 miles to go to swim meets during SCY season. I think I need to get a distance traveled award or at least some recognition for being that crazy guy that shows up to everything even though he lives nowhere near anything.

Anyways. Tonight’s swim was just enough to stay loose for this weekend. I have a feeling a lot of my swims are going to fall into the “character building” category. I just want to get out there this weekend, give it whatever I’ve got and then move on to focusing on USMS Nationals in two weeks. I have no real expectations for the LCM meet because I’ve never raced LCM before. These will be baseline setting times. On Sunday I am swimming some goofy events. I’ve got the 200 free for the 1st time as an adult, the 50 breast and the 50 free. In the 200 I’m trying to get as close to 2 minutes as I can. If I had to guess I’d say I’ll probably go 2:07ish but I have no idea. In the 50′s I want to go low 33 for breaststroke and mid 25 for freestyle.

I’ll try to get a post up tomorrow night when I get to my hotel, but if I can’t you can always follow along on Twitter. By the way, if you are a LCM fan or happen to be around San Luis Obispo, the meet doesn’t get going until the afternoon and deck entries are available. Here’s the meet sheet.

2 Responses to “Long Meets, Long Course, and Long Drives”

  1. Ahelee says:


    Nancy was awarded the 2008 SPMA Coach of the Year today at the meet!


  2. Rob D says:

    Super awesome!!!! I’m a big fan since she did adopt me and all :) I wish I lived closer so I could swim with her more often!