Honestly, I still don’t believe how many of you people work out in the morning, like all the time. I begrudgingly arose at about 5:30 this morning to go do a long course workout up in San Luis Obispo. There’s a LCM meet there this weekend I’m dropping in on before I drive down to Orange County for the SPMA SCY Championships. I figured I need to actually swim LCM every once in a while if I expect to race it. I plunked myself down in the “fast” lane this morning. It wasn’t actually a fast place to be, but there was only person in it so it wasn’t that big a deal. When I needed to pass her I just drifted into the other side of the lane and kept going.

I swam 1600 meters, I wanted to hang out longer but I still had to drive home and get ready for work.

500 free
2 x 50 fly
400 free
100 free
50 fly
50 free
100 free
200 free
100 free

My workout wasn’t particularly structured. I’m not really capable of rational human thought before about 9AM so writing out a workout wasn’t going to happen.

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