I like to set goals in pieces so that I am always on the verge of achieving something. I tend to lose interest and motivation if I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere. Last month at the Santa Clarita SCY meet I finally cracked 1:00 in the 100 fly which has been my goal since I came back to swimming late last summer. The 100 fly continues to be my main target event. I like it and I’m pretty decent at it, plus it’s only 1 second slower than my 100 freestyle! Anyways, I think I have my next set of goals set…

1. Short term: Break 1:00 again to make sure it really happened the first time
2. And then: Go faster than my 100 freestyle (58 seconds)
3. Long term: Break 1:00… in meters (54 ish seconds in yards)

If I managed to get this far training on my own in such a short period of time, I have to believe that I have a lot of improving left that I can do. I don’t know where my body is going to draw the line, but I think with enough work the goals I’ve set are attainable.

I’m still figuring out how I get to where I want to go. I’d love to be able to swim on a regular basis with Coach Nancy at Conejo Simi Masters or Ahelee at UC Irvine Masters Swimming & Triathlon. They have both seen me progress from meet to meet and have given me a lot of help and things to think about when I’m swimming. Unfortunately they both happen to be 3-4 hours away which makes it kind of hard to just drop in. I’m playing with the idea of hooking up with a masters group occasionally in either SLO or Santa Maria (both are about a 20-25 minute drive from here) to supplement the work I’m doing by myself. Beyond that I think I need to get more serious about lifting weights and getting physically stronger.

Anyways, goal set. Let’s see how long this takes!

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