Me and Nancy at the Cal Tech Pentathlon

Just wanted to share that my adopted coach from Conejo Simi Aquatics, Nancy Kirkpatrick-Reno, won the 2008 SPMA Coach of the Year! I’m very excited for her! Last year at the Santa Clarita SCM meet she struck up a conversation with me and she figured out that I wasn’t attached to a team. She had her team adopt me for the day. Nancy kept an eye on my swims, and gave me some really good feedback on my swimming. That was the first time I had any attention from a coach as a masters swimmer and it was a really productive day for me. Later on they decided to keep me :) I was invited to join CSAM and I attached in December. Since then I’ve swam relays with her team and I’ve even managed to make my way to a workout with them (despite the 2 1/2 hour drive). I can’t wait to hook back up with her and the rest of the Conejo Simi Masters team at Nationals.

Nancy did a video for the LA Times earlier this year, check it out here.

For next year I suggest you keep your eye on Chad Durieux from Rosebowl and Ahelee Sue Osborn. I think both are really good positive influences in SPMA. Chad has a good crew and and puts a lot of energy into making sure his team swims fast and has fun. Ahelee is one of my favorite masters people and an unstoppable force of swimming enthusiasm! She’s a good coach and a smoking fast swimmer who happened to set a few National Records this weekend at SPMA Championships. Ahelee has given me lots of great swimming feedback and encouragement at meets and online for which I am very grateful. She’s the official Rob Aquatics National Team Coach which happens to be an imaginary job, but if it were real she’d have it :)

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