In BIG SWIMSUIT NEWS…. word on the street from my buddy Tony over at the SCAQ blog is that B70 is going to implement a $200 rebate deal for people that buy B70 swim skins after May 1st April 1st to help them buy the next generation suit if the current suit is deemed illegal by FINA. This story is still in it’s early stages so we don’t know everything just yet. You can get more details here.

**UPDATE: After pointing out how May 1st wasn’t the best cut off for masters swimmers B70 pushed the date back to April 1st for the rebate program. That kind of changes big portions of the rest of the post, but I left it intact because it was all true at the time…

I think this is a bolder sounding move than it really is because so many people already have their suits and this wouldn’t apply to them. Most major mid year meets are done – high school champs, Y Nationals, etc. USMS Nationals is in May, but if you want to make absolutely sure you have a B70 before the meet I would think you’d really have to order it before May 1st to ensure delivery (I’ve heard rumors of back order problems). Still I think it is an excellent good will gesture, and marketing maneuver, to help sell swim suits to people considering investing in a suit that has a lot of speculation surrounding its legality. I go to a lot of swim meets and the general consensus by most people is they think there’s no way it can still be legal next year. Whether they are right or not remains to be seen, but the rebate deal definitely shows how dedicated B70 is in being a major player in pool swimming.

Oh and just to make your decision harder… there is still a 15% discount for Masters Swimmers only currently going on until April 30th. So do you go for the discount or bet on the suit becoming illegal and winning $200 bucks for the next one you were probably going to buy anyways? Me, I’m still enamored with my Tracer Light. I will admit that I am B70 curious, but I’m not particularly confident that they make a suit that would fit me.

Anyways, there’s your swim news/rumor/gossip/speculation post of the week :) What do you guys think about it?

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