**UPDATE 28APR09: Results are now posted here.

Warm up around 7:30ish

This morning I woke up about 250 miles away from my swim meet the day prior, stumbled to the car, and made my way to pool at Mission Viejo. To say I was tired would be an understatement. I warmed up pretty much right when the pool opened and then proceeded to pass in and out of consciousness in my chair for the next half hour. Eventually I woke up enough and went out looking for familiar faces. I ran into Patrick and Kathleen from Rosebowl and as has become our tradition I set up my gear by them mooched some of their shade.

My first event was the 200 free and it was the first time I have raced it as an adult. I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how to race it. I’m told I swam it very smoothly, but I think it could have been a lot faster. I just couldn’t break all the way into a sprint at any point during the race. Saturday’s swims were still sitting heavy in my muscles. The good news is I can swim 1:01 without feeling like I am sprinting. I’m curious what my 100 time would be right now… the world may never know. But like I said I went out in 1:01 and I finished with a 2:09. Not great but about where I guessed. I entered a 2:10 and I predicted a 2:07 so I kind of split the difference. If I swim it again on purpose, I think I could drop upwards of 5-6 seconds in a fresher state.

Up next was the 50 breast which is kind of a “palate cleanser” for me. It’s an event I like to swim but I don’t really care about the outcome of. We had a bit of a delay on the start because one of the blocks was wobbly. Apparently they’re held steady with wood blocks and lane 8′s block had gone rogue right before my heat. After waiting an awkwardly long time for my heat to get going they finally called us back onto the blocks. I got a solid start and an excellent pull down. The sun was pretty much directly above us so I could watch my streamline via shadow on the bottom of the pool which was kind of cool. I popped up around mid-pool somewhere, pulled like crazy to get to the wall, and then did another pull down as big as I could. Most of the heat finished right on top of each other. I’m not sure where I finished in the heat, but I was within about 2 tenths of a second of my best time. I got some video courtesy of Kathleen below. I’m the guy that takes forever to surface in the black suit.

My last event of the day was the 50 free. Another re-match with Tony from the SCAQ Blog! We’ve gone back and forth this season. Today, he had my number. I was happy however to be back in the 25′s. I’ve had a few questionable 50 freestyles recently so it was nice to get in a decent one. Ahelee said that she has some video for us, so you may see that hit the blog sometime soon.

Besides racing today I did a whole bunch of talking! I got to see a bunch of my favorite swimmer friends and talk shop. I was parked with the Rosebowl crew, but I got to spend some time with Tony and Ahelee, and I got to meet a few new people. One guy that I had interacted with on the USMS Forums introduced himself to me, it was nice to put a face to the name. I also got a chance to talk to one of the guys from the Santa Maria masters group that I’ve been trying to find the time to drop in on.

The meet itself was well run and fairly mellow for a championship meet. You could tell a mix of Sunday meet fatigue and the fact that Nationals is only 2 weeks away had an impact on the overall number of people at the pool today. I didn’t have any super fantastic swims, but my plan was to be a little burnt out right now. Having the chance to catch up with people in person as opposed to via e-mail or Facebook made it worth the trip down. Now I need to start focusing on my races at Nationals… I’m excited for it!

Random Action!

View of the pool

Patrick deep in thought over why one would enter the 400IM

Ill advised self portraiture

Me, Ahelee and Tony after the meet

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