**UPDATE: Meet results have been posted here.

Today I swam my first ever long course meters swim meet! I have a new found respect for LCM… I like my walls dude! On a normal SCY 100 fly I only do 6-7 strokes before I turn, LCM is like 30… it’s very weird.

The meet was pretty small like they usually are in SLO. I’d say 30ish swimmers tops. The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing like crazy and it made things pretty cold. The shades they had set up for the timers had to be disassembled because they were being pulled apart by the wind!

My first event of the day was the 50 fly. They started the 50′s on the shallow end of the pool so I had to channel everything I had learned at the Fullerton swim meet to do starts that didn’t lead to concussions or a bleeding chest. My start left me incredibly close to the bottom but just high enough! From there I just pulled and kicked as hard as I could. Since there is no turn there was nothing to think about just GO GO GO! The guy on my right hand side was pretty fast and I couldn’t quite catch him. I finished second with a 30.2 or 30.3 which is a second faster than I ever swam it in SCM. I think it converts into 26 territory in SCY.

After the 50 fly I had maybe 20 minutes to chill out until my next event, the 100 fly. There were only two of us brave enough to swim the fly today apparently. Me and a lady who had a few years on me. I was still feeling my first swim on the start, but I managed to find a rhythm pretty quickly. I tried to keep myself as long and as loose as possible. I really missed the walls though! I like to dolphin kick! Anyways… on the way back I was good until about the last 15 meters. My stroke started to disintegrate. I managed to come in at 1:09 which is the equivalent of about 1:00 flat in SCY. I might have been able to go a little faster if I had someone to race. The lady in the lane next to me had a good swim but came in quite a bit after me.

When I finished Coach Phil from the Seahawks who was running the meet announced they’d take a little break for me since I was in the 50 free which was the next event. I had maybe 5 minutes between the 100 fly and the 50 free… yikes. My arms were on fire. I got up on the blocks took a deep breath and just hoped for the best. I started out ok, but I faded in the middle of the pool. Yay lactic acid. I finished in about 31 seconds which is pretty slow…

At this point I knew I was done for the day. I was scheduled for a 4th event but it was coming up in about 10 minutes and I was smoked. My arms and shoulders were super tight and there was no more racing worth doing coming out of them today.

Now, about 6 hours later, I’m down in Irvine getting ready for the SPMA Regional Championships. I’m swimming the 200 free, 50 free, and 50 breast tomorrow. I’ll see you kids at the pool!

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