200 Medley Relay Action!

Today was day 1 of the PMS Championships for me and day 2 for distance type people. We got to the pool around 8:00 and the place was packed. There were people everywhere around the pool and then there were a lot of people that set up shop outside the fences in the park area that surrounds the aquatic center. Heidi and I found a corner inside the fence that looked like it would have shade most of the day.

The competition pool itself was really nice and there were 2 other pools in the complex. One was set up for warm up/warm down and the other was a kiddie pool with a slide that was closed off to us old people (boo). The meet was very well run. With as many swimmers as there were there you would expect trouble, but the hosts did an excellent job of keeping it moving. They’ve even posted results already which you can see here! **UPDATE: you can get full 3 day results here.

My first race of the day the 100 fly. Unfortunately I showed up to the meet waaay too early and had to wait until around noon to actually swim. I knew this was going to happen, but I have an unstoppable need to be on time. The meet started at 8:30 and I was there at 8. Anyways, after a nap and my second warm up I got myself behind the blocks. In classic masters fashion the guy in the lane next to me shook my hand and wished me good luck. I really enjoy the friendliness of total strangers at swim meets… Anyways… I honestly didn’t feel like I was having that good of a swim. I really focused on doing as much kicking off the walls as I could because it just felt like my arms weren’t all there today. I had Heidi take some video of this race for me and you can see that she loses me every once and a while because I surface so much later than the rest of the guys in my heat.

Amazingly I managed to beat my time from Santa Clarita! I swam a 59.16 which brings my best time down from a 59.94. This swim checks off butterfly goal number 1 – break a minute again. Now I need to move on to butterfly goal number 2 – beat my 100 free time (58).

Waiting for my 100 IM to Start

Now that I had my first event out of the way the next two came pretty quickly. My 100 IM was good, but not great. Each leg seemed pretty decent, but I do think I took too many breaths on the freestyle. I came extremely close to my best time, but I’ve been stuck at 1:05 for a while now. This is the 3rd race in a row that I’ve swam a 1:05 something. Eventually I want to get this event down around a minute. I also got some video of this race, feel free to pick it apart :)

Last up was the 50 fly which was great except for an epic streamline failure on the start. I hit the water and my hands came apart a few inches and fluttered all over the place totally sapping my momentum off the blocks. I still managed to pull out a 27.05 which is pretty good for me despite the huge mistake at the beginning of the race.

I have 3 more events scheduled for tomorrow (50 breast, 200 IM, and 50 free). The way my body is feeling right now I’m not sure if all 3 are going to happen. Plus it’s supposedly going to be like 90 degrees in Pleasanton tomorrow! We’ll see how far I make it. As usual I got some pictures, here are a few extra shots from my day:

The Competition Pool, they ran two courses side by side

Me and Heidi trying to hide in the shade

Getting my game face in place :)

3 Responses to “2009 Pacific Masters Champs, Day 1 Wrap Up”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Need to be a WHOLE lot more agressive on this 100 IM!

    FASTer turns – and you’re right about breathing too much on the free. 1st breath??? RD – that will NEVER happen again!

    Tomorrow is the 200IM. Build up the speed on each stroke’s 50.

    50 Free – decide how many times you will breathe and stick to it!

    Can’t wait to hear about the racing.
    Stay hydrated. Don’t leave early.
    Race all the races. This is your race prep training for Nationals!

  2. Ahelee says:

    50 Free Breaths –
    1-2 on the 1st lap

    2 on the second lap.

    Huge kick – eyes locked down on the black line!

    Go Rob.

  3. Rob D says:

    Thanks for the virtual coaching. I really need to get over this whole need to breath thing… really inconvenient :) I agree, there was a lack of aggression in that 100IM. I hit a wall yesterday (figuratively, not literally like I do on the back/breast transition sometimes). A fun mix of allergies, heat, and really long week.

    I’m hoping I feel more like myself today. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get back home!