I’m working on planning out my April and I think I’m going to swim pretty much all over the place. Here’s what’s on my radar at the moment

April 4th: UCLA SCY Meet(already signed up – swimming 200 IM, 50 Fly, 50 Free, and 100 Breast)

April 17-19th: Pacific Masters SCY Championships in Pleasanton, CA

April 25th: San Luis Obispo LCM Meet – yes you read that right… Long Course Meters

April 24-26th: SPMA Championships in Mission Viejo

So here are my thoughts… swim UCLA as planned, spend the 18th & 19th swimming up north during Pacific Masters Championships, swim in SLO on the 25th and then spend the 26th in Mission Viejo for SPMA Champs. A little ambitious, but honestly if I’m not at a meet on the weekend I’m probably just sleeping in and watching TV.

Out of curiousity, is anyone going to Pacific Masters SCY Championships? I’ve only been to one meet in that LMSC so I don’t really know too many people up that way.

6 Responses to “Swimming Meets Everywhere in April”

  1. Ahelee says:

    I highly recommend the Pacific Masters Regional meet up in Pleasanton. The PMS really knows how to stage a championship meet!

    NorCal swimmers are very cool… You’ll have to find Jim Clemmons and his gang of guys.

    The only issue really can be the weather. Just be sure to check the forecast and be prepared with clothes and gear if necessary.
    We have been lucky though in the past few years.

    Also, a tricky issue up there at that pool is this:
    The warmup pool is out of the range of the announcer. You have to be very careful about knowing when your heat/event is going because you won’t be able to hear instructions.

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks for the tips! I used to live up in Monterey so I know it can get a little chilly up that way. That warm up pool problem is really good to know. I’m surprised this meet isn’t on your SCY world tour :)

    Are you going to that Solano Beach meet this weekend? It sounded like fun but I need a break from driving all over the place!

  3. Ahelee says:

    Actually… under my current circumstances and had I known you were going – I may have more seriously considered it. I did have it as a tenative.
    But I’ve missed so many days this week, I think I’d better GRIND it up in the next few weeks!

    Yes, still going to Solana Beach. Not sure yet about UCLA though. But you know me… very hard to miss a meet!

  4. Rob D says:

    Good luck in Solana Beach!

    I just noticed the Pacific Masters Championships was on an open weekend on Wednesday or Thursday… I would have made my intentions known earlier but I didn’t know I had them either! The way the SPMA Champs are scheduled I’m not really going to get any of my regular events in so it’s a chance to go swim with people that are going out of their way to be fast.

  5. Erik Sterne says:

    You will feel welcome here in norCal. Perhaps we will meet, I swim right behind Jim Clemmons and with Santa Rosa Masters, a very colorful and spirited group of swimmers. PMS Champs swim two courses and there were about 750 entries last season. I am seeing many new faces at the local meets this season, swimmers from the central valley, including CVAS, Central Valley All Stars.

  6. Rob D says:

    Erik, hopefully I see you out there! I can be kind of hard to miss, look for a large bald guy with an “untraditional” parka.

    I just finished registering for the meet and reserving a hotel room about 10 minutes ago. I’m curious to see how big the PMS and SPMA champs are going to be with Nationals being here in California in May.