**UPDATE 27APR09: We have a winner! See who it is here.

Southern Pacific Masters is looking for nominations to help find their coach or the year. I pasted in some info for you guys that Ahelee, the SPMA Coaches Chair, posted to the SPMA Facebook group explaining how to nominate your coach.

Nomination Instructions: (DUE 3/31)
The selection criteria are as follows: The Coach of the Year is selected on the basis of inspirational and instructional qualities; club and individual accomplishments, including championships and world records; and non-competitive club and individual accomplishments, including club size and growth, club participation, volunteering, and events run by the club; and the coach’s service to SPMA, USMS and other Masters organizations, participation in clinics, and published works.

To nominate your coach, provide a letter listing his or her accomplishments, and a maximum of four letters from your teammates supporting your nomination.

Nominations are due by 3/31/09 and should be submitted to the SPMA office by email (pdf, Word, or text file) at registrar@spma.net. Total size for the file(s) must not exceed 1 MMB per application. Submit as one email, not separate emails for each.

I don’t know what the other LMSCs are doing but I’m pretty sure they work along the same lines.

2 Responses to “SPMA Coach of the Year Nominations Due Tuesday!”

  1. the17thman says:

    Are you going to nominate yourself for coach of the year?

  2. Rob D says:

    Ha… if all this blogging weren’t narcissistic enough! I did however manage to squeeze exceptional results out of my star swimmer :)

    All of my coaching comes to me in bits and pieces. I get some from Coach Nancy at CSAM, a little from Ahelee when we’re at swim meets, and sometimes from comments left on my pictures and videos! So basically my coach at the moment is the swimming public in general… not sure if you can nominate everybody.