I ventured into the ocean for the first time with my new Blueseventy Reaction wetsuit today. It’s kind of cold out in Pismo today, but nothing compared to the water. A lot of the surfers were out there with hoods and gloves and booties… the whole kit. After a few minutes in the water I got kinda used to it but it was still really cold, like hard to take a whole breath cold. The suit itself fit really well and was easy to swim in plus it was plenty buoyant. If I were out surfing I don’t think it would have been thick enough for the water temperature but it’s adequate for swimming. I swam parallel to shore for a while in the rougher water and then tried to body surf a few waves. The surf was kind of weak and a little blown out so I didn’t really have any luck with that.

Today was just an “orientation session.” No serious swimming, I couldn’t have been in the water for more than 20 minutes. I just wanted to get used to my wet suit and being in the ocean and the surf. I’m still trying to figure out how to make this a more regular occurrence. I’m yet to find any local open water swimming volunteers.

Heidi snapped few pics while she was keeping an eye on me from the shore.

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