I know a lot of swimmers out there workout every morning… that’s not me. I’m usually in the pool around 8PM. I would workout even later if my pool were open later, I’m just wired like that. Last night I spent an hour on the elliptical instead of swimming with the idea that I would swim this morning. Amazingly I actually woke myself up at around 5:50 (in the morning!) to go and swim LCM at the pool in San Luis Obispo. After finding all my swim stuff and stumbling around the house for a bit I hopped on the bike and pedaled over to my office to get my truck. After getting to the pool I spent a few minutes on deck looking for a hole in a lane with somebody fast enough that sharing wouldn’t be awkward. There are some slow, medium, fast signs for the different lanes but they aren’t necessarily relevant to what is going on in the water. I hopped in with a guy that was moving along pretty decently (in the “slow” lane) and we kept a solid 50m between each other until he got out. My lane mate was replaced a few minutes later by somebody who did the exact same thing, I totally lucked out there. As much as I hate sharing a lane, sharing a lane in a 50m pool isn’t that bad because you have to cover sooo much distance to pass somebody.

My workout was pretty simple, 1500ish meters all free except for one length of butterfly. I only stuck around for about 30 minutes because I had to make my way back to work. I’m trying to make this a semi-regular occurrence to hit the pool and swim long course. When LCM season rolls around I think the work I’m doing now to get used to the distance will pay off. Depending on how my day goes I might swim tonight as well.

One Response to “Pre-Dawn Practice”

  1. the17thman says:

    Slow, Medium and Fast Signs are meaningless in the world of lap swimming. I figure if I’m kicking faster than you are swimming you don’t belong in the fast lane!