Holy crap… look at that guy… who also happens to be me. Skinny with a full head of hair, those were the days. I was going through some pictures and came across some old swim team pictures from high school. The one on the left is me around 16 for my high school varsity team in California. The one on the right is me as a freshman on my high school varsity team in Wisconsin. Well actually I was on another school’s varsity swim team because we didn’t have our own pool, but still. Yikes. I think in the Wisconsin based picture I can’t weigh anymore than 120 pounds and I think my 100 free was just as fast then as it is now.

Anyways, if you were ever wondering who I am really racing against it’s that smug guy on the left. He went 59 seconds in the 100 fly and I am determined to defeat him. 2 more seconds and I’ve got him!

5 Responses to “Old High School Swimming Pictures”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Oh yes, I can definitely see that 59 flyer in you Rob!

    I think we are going to see him fully emerge soon.

    I love seeing these photos of masters swimmers as kids!

  2. Rob D says:

    I hope so! Of all my little personal goals a 59 second 100 fly is the biggie. I want to make it happen before SCY season is over.

  3. Ahelee says:

    I’m just hoping I am there to see it when you do it!

    This year man!

  4. the17thman says:

    2009 is the year for the 59!

  5. Tony Austin says:

    It is so going to happen.