Had the pool to myself tonight which I’m always a fan of. My swim was mainly slow with some sprinting peppered in. The sprints hurt today… my heart was beating out of my chest after the 50 fly. I did something in my freestyle sprint that has been missing from my swims so far, a monster breakout. I did some weight lifting last night and I guess I was still feeling strong. I need to try and work in a big breakout in my 50 free this weekend and see what happens. Honestly what I really need to do is lift more… we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways here’s tonight’s workout

Warm Up
500 free
100 kick
400 free

100 fly fast
50 free all out
50 fly all out
100 free recover

4 x 50 alt. back, breast

100 kick

400 cool down

2000 yards total

Tomorrow I’m going to go and look at wetsuits so I can do some swimming not in the pool. I know “wetsuits are for pansies,” but the water is in the low 50′s here and I’d rather not get hypothermia while trying to be tough. I’m leaning towards a BlueSeventy suit but ultimately fit is going to dictate what I actually buy. According to the guy I talked to on the phone at the triathlon store, based on my build a Quintana Roo wetsuit might be more my speed. We’ll see. Saturday evening I’ll be making my way down to LA for Sunday’s CalTech Pentathlon.

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