I felt way better in the pool tonight. I was strong in the water and I was motivated to actually swim. I think I managed to shake my momentary aqua-funk that I was stuck in on Monday. It probably helped that it was unreasonably hot this afternoon and I was dreaming of getting in the pool all day. When your job consists of sitting in a chair while clicking on stuff and typing and it’s making you sweat… you know it’s too hot.

As has been my m.o. recently I’ve been doing a lot of butterfly in my workouts to build up a tolerance. I can feel myself getting better at dealing with more distance. I know I’m still going to gas out in my 100 fly this weekend, but I’m hoping it comes later in the 4th 25 as opposed to midway through the 3rd one. I really, really, really want to see a time drop in my 100 fly this weekend in Santa Clarita.

Warm Up
Repeat x 2
400 free
100 kick

100 fly
75 fly
50 fly
25 fly
75 fly
25 fly

100 swim easy

3 x 100 IM

100 kick

2 x 50 fast (fly, free)

200 cool down

2150 yards total

If all goes according to plan I’ll do a similar workout tomorrow and then a short workout Friday focused on doing a few sprints and fast 25′s from the middle of the pool focusing on my turns.

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