I had a meeting in San Luis Obispo this morning (SLO if you’re into the whole brevity thing) and I decided to drop in and swim at Sinsheimer pool beforehand. I’ve swam a lot of meets in this pool, but I’ve never gone there to just workout. I had heard before that they run LCM in the mornings but I wasn’t sure if it was true. Sure enough when I got there it really was LCMed out. I don’t think I’ve ever done an LCM workout or race before so this was quite the learning experience. As someone that generally trains in SCY, it is really weird to go so long without a turn. I can see how distance swimmers would really dig this format. When LCM season comes around I’m going to have to try and work in at least 1 workout a week up in SLO to get a good feel for the distance involved. The major bonus to dropping in for lap swim at Sinsheimer is that it only cost me $2.50! The last time I dropped in somewhere (Monterey) it was like $7 or $8!

I lucked out and managed to get my own lane, which frankly is the only way I like to swim. I have a tendency to take up the middle of the lane which isn’t very open swim friendly. I only swam 1300 meters because I did a full workout less than 12 hours earlier and I had to get ready for my meeting. Next time I go up to SLO to swim I’ll do a more substantial swim.

500 free
100 kick

4 x 50 IM Order

200 free

100 fly/back

200 free

1300 meters total

In other masters news… Joel from the 17th Man blog was featured in a PBS article about fitness bloggers! Check out the article here.

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