**Update: Results for the 2009 Cal Tech Pentathlon have been posted, you can view them here.

Like I said earlier I didn’t really break out the camera today but luckily a few of my friends did! Joel from the17thman captured video of two of my swims on his flip camera. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen myself swim on camera. I’ve been busy watching it over and over to pick apart what I can of my swims. My first two observations 1) My freestyle hand entry is kind of weird 2) I need to shave my head before I go into public :) I took both of the swims and edited them together into one video and uploaded it onto YouTube, check it out.

I got a few pictures in my e-mail from Ahelee tonight too.

Coach Nancy most likely reminding me to keep my head down

Ahelee, Nancy, and Myself poolside at Cal Tech

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