Tonight was a first… I hit the pool and there was somebody fast there! She was swimming butterfly even. I’m usually the only weirdo that butterflys there. Having another actual competitive type swimmer there did make one thing rather evident, our lane lines are bullshit. Our lanes were right next to each other and the lane line would bow all the way to the middle of my lane. They need to either tighten up the lane lines or get some new ones. Plus it was almost like swimming in a choppy lake there was so much water moving around between the two of us. One more swimmer and I could have bodysurfed in the pool.

Warm Up
500 free
100 kick

6 x 100 alt. Fly and Free

100 kick

4 x 50 fly

100 kick

Cool Down
2 x 200 free

2000 yards total

I’ve got one more swim and then my meet in Santa Clarita. I’m really excited for this meet, I feel like I’ve got some fast swims in me. Plus Tony from the SCAQ blog is going to enter the same time as me for the 50 free and see if we can get seeded into the same heat… I hope he’s ready for a beat down :)

2 Responses to “As Soon As I Make Fun of My Gym…”

  1. the17thman says:

    You guys better get video of the Battle of the Bloggers Race!

    As for the gym pool swim, you are lucky if the only issue you have is a sinking lane line. Most gym pools are at best cement ponds.

  2. Rob D says:

    I bet we can find somebody out there to get some video for us. One of these days we’ll have to get the 3 of us at the same meet in the same event somewhere.

    My gym pool has been good to me despite being old and overly simple. I would be really excited with some gutters and decent lane lines but I’ll take what I can get. It helps that it’s usually pretty empty when I go.