I skipped going to the pool Thursday night because Heidi made my favorite dinner (smoked chicken mmmmm…) and I promptly fell into a food coma when I was done… no swimming was to be had last night. As a “make up” I decided that I would go to SLO again early this morning and get in an LCM workout there.

I’m still getting used to long course… I really like it for distance freestyle, but it is very weird feeling for my other strokes to go so far without hitting a wall. This time I swam in the fast lane by myself for most of the workout. I was right next to a team swim and I think it was a mix of senior age groupers and some masters… not totally sure. Maybe I need to suck it up and drive to SLO on a regular basis to swim coached workouts. Anyways, towards the end of my swim I got a lane mate that I gained 50m per 100m swam on. I would let him get to the far wall before I pushed off and I’d catch him at the end of the 100. He didn’t really get the concept that if somebody gains that much on you you should stop at the wall and let the faster person through. Ahh the joys of showing up during lap swim.

Here’s this mornings swim:

400 free
100 kick
400 free

8 x 50 odds stroke (fly, fly, breast, fly) evens free

300 free

1600 meters total

I felt the urge to go further but I had to get to work. Next time I need to get there right at 6 so that I have enough time to get in a swim and get back to the office in time for work.

I wrapped up my day with a late trip to the gym for a little dryland action. I’ve been feeling a little heavy and as much as I don’t like it, the elliptical machine really seems to help me slim down. I sweat like a beast on that thing! I spent about 30-35 minutes grinding on the elliptical and a few minutes playing with some weights just because. Tomorrow I’m probably going to end up in the pool in SLO again because I need to take Heidi’s car in for an oil change… I don’t really miss an excuse to swim in a nice pool do I? :)

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