**Update: Results for the 2009 Cal Tech Pentathlon have been posted, you can view them here.

Let me just start by saying that I had an excellent day in the pool. I went 5 for 5… 5 swims, 5 personal best times. I am very stoked with that! A ton of people were out for the meet (I heard upwards of 200) and I had a lot of fun. I went to the meet by myself so I don’t really have much in the way of pictures, but I should have some video courtesy of Joel from the 17th man swim blog and a few pics via Ahelee for you guys later. **Update: see pictures and video here!

Thanks to the excitement that is daylight savings time I woke up entirely too early because I wasn’t sure how to set the alarm on my phone… would it auto update the time or not? I ended up waking up at 6AM (5AM according to my body) and after wandering my friend’s condo for a while I made my way out to Pasadena. I got there around 8:30 and there was already a good number of folks at the pool. The pool itself looked a little older and tired, but it was deep and fast so I’m a fan. I warmed up in just a regular jammer right when the pool opened. After warm up I went and got into my TYR Tracer Light. It was a lot easier to get on than my first try but still not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll do a full review of the suit early this week.

My first race was the 50 fly. I’ve been stuck at a low :28 with one race that got down to 27.7 this year. My national qualifying time is a 27.23. I was in heat 22 of 25 and this was going to be the first time in the water with my Tracer Light. I got in a solid start, yay for a pool deeper than 4 feet, and got on my way. I only took two breaths on the way out and breathed every 2-3 strokes on the way back in. I felt really strong in the water and I felt good in the suit even though I wasn’t completely used to it just yet. I ended up going 27.25 which is a personal record, but it is also 2 100ths of a second off of my goal time. So I was a mix of happy and mad about that.

The 50 back worked out a lot better than expected. I entered a :35 and ended up swimming a :31.35. That’ll do for me! My start was a little weak, but everything else was solid. I could really feel the effects of my new suit on my streamline dolphin kicking off the walls.

The 50 breast has been a surprisingly decent event for me. I’m still not good at it by any stretch of the imagination but it’s up and coming. I swam a :34.78 in Las Vegas in January and today I got it down to a :33.87. I’m not sure if I’m particulary competitive in breaststroke past 50 yards though. I have a good pull down off the start and my first turn is good because I can still hold my breath, past the 50 all bets are off. Joel got some video of this swim and I’ll be posting it later.

My 50 free was decent all the way through. I shaved a little bit of time off but not a lot. I’m hoping to get into a low :25 in the next couple of months. I think Joel got some video of this swim too so keep an eye out for it shortly.

The big swim of the day for me was the 100 IM. I swam a 1:05 which is a 4 second drop off of my best time! I think 1:05 is a lifetime best time even, not just a grown up best time. I got off to a really good start in my butterfly and my backstroke was ok, I felt a little crooked though. Ahelee was watching my race real close and said that I really lost a lot of time on the Back to Breast transition. I think I’m still a little overly cautious after almost breaking my hand on that turn in San Luis Obispo back in November. I managed to make up for the turn on the last 50 and turn in the best 100 IM I’ve ever swam. I’m still very excited about this swim. I like the 100 IM but it’s always next to other events I’m swimming and I never really get to swim it rested. I’d like to see what I could do with this race at the beginning of a meet as opposed to right at the end.

All told I had a really good day. The meet was run well, it went fast, I went fast, my team showed up, and I got to see a bunch of my masters friends. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out at Santa Clarita later this month!

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