The Pool at CLU

I woke up this morning and drove on down to Thousand Oaks so that I could do a lunch time workout with Conejo Simi Aquatics Masters. I’ve swam meets with them but this is the first workout that I’ve done with them. The ride down to Thousand Oaks was pretty rough, there was a big storm rolling in off the ocean and it was pouring pretty much the whole way down. When we got to the pool at California Lutheran University it was still raining but no where near as hard as it was in Pismo and Santa Barbara.

I did about 80% of the regular workout with the team. It was definitely different to swim next to people that can actually swim as opposed to elderly walkers and aerobicizers. Plus I’m not used to working off the clock so that was a change. Save a 50 that I missed because my shoulder was tightening up a little bit, I kept up with the whole workout.

Towards the end everyone started doing a pull set and Coach Nancy pulled me aside so that she could take a harder look at how I am swimming. My biggest problem is keeping my head down. I am hardwired to look straight ahead when I swim, I really need to work on this! Otherwise she liked my butterfly. My backstroke needs work, I over-reach on my left side. My breaststroke is too “flat.” She thought my kick was good but I don’t really dive under on pull… I’m going to have to practice this more when I get home. My freestyle is looking good, again I keep my head too high and my hands enter at an angle but in the right place so it’s ok.

200 free
100 kick
200 drill (50 fist drill, 50 catch up drill)
2 x 50 drill (25 fly with flutter kick, free swim back)
300 drill (50 fist drill, 50 catch up drill)

10 x 75 odds straight through, evens broken 50/25 all on 1:15

50 back

Repeat x 2
50 on :45
100 on 1:30
200 on 3:00
100 on 1:30
50 on :45

Finished with about 3-400 yards of swimming different strokes so Coach could let me know what’s working and what needs changing.

approx. 3100 yards total

I’m still really feeling the workout a few hours later, but I had a lot of fun swimming with CSAM! I’m hoping to find an excuse to do it again soon!

This is how hard it was raining when I left CLU! Yikes!

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