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Backstroking in my 100IM

Today was much, much better. After Saturday’s bike debacle I really needed this meet to go well. Heidi and I drove down to Irvine Saturday night and stayed at the hippest Courtyard Marriott I’ve ever been in. They had a suave flat screen touch screen in the lobby with news and maps and other stuff like that. All the furniture was really modern looking and the restaurant area was really suave. We had a late dinner there and sat in the kind of booth you’d find in a club except that it had a tv built into the divider.

This morning we made our way out to the pool early so that I could deck enter for the meet. The crowd was pretty light and it looked like things would go quickly so I only signed up for 4 events instead of 5. I entered the 100 fly, 50 free, 50 fly, and the 100 IM. This turned out to be a pretty good idea. The crowd doubled by the start of the meet, but it went very fast. We got going at 10:30 and the meet was done by 12:30ish. The weather was a little questionable but it never turned to rain while the meet was going on. There were some really cold breezes that I could have done without though!

My first event was the 100 fly, I’ve been anxious to do a 100 fly SCY. I was supposed to do it at the Las Vegas meet but I was too sick to handle a 100 that day. My race started well… my start was solid and I got in some good kicking. I felt kind of weird in the water though. I was strong but I didn’t feel like I was able to break into a full sprint. This turned out to not be all wrong. I didn’t gas out like I did in Long Beach on the last 25. Even though I didn’t feel fast while I was swimming I actually set a new personal best for my masters swimming! I got my 100 fly down to 1:01! I’m only a second away from my national cut for USMS SCY Nationals and 2 seconds from my all time best.

Next up was the 50 free. I’ve never really considered myself a sprinter but the 50 free has always been a benchmark event for me so I like to swim it a lot. Todays 50 was really good. I was really amped up for whatever reason when I hit the blocks. I hit the water and just churned as hard as I could. I managed to take half a second of my best SCY time and get down to a 25.9. I’m not 100% sure but I think my lifetime best 50 free was either a 25 low or a very high 24 so I’m very excited to be getting closer to catching up to my younger self.

The next 2 events came in very rapid succession. My 50 fly wasn’t that great. I went 28 which is slower than my time in Vegas and still too slow for my national q-time. I had the same inability to sprint feeling that I had in my 100 fly. If this would have been a 100 fly I think it would have gone well, but a 50 sprint just wasn’t happening.

In what felt like just a couple minutes later I was back on the blocks for the 100 IM. I was feeling pretty smoked at this point but I really wanted to do a good job with this. I like the 100 IM but it always seems to be at the very end of the meet. During my swim I just hurt the whole time. I went as fast as I could but I didn’t feel very strong. Amazingly enough, this turned out to be another time improvement for me. I went 1:09 which is a 2 second drop.

When I got out of the pool I had nothing left in me. I did the world’s slowest cool down and worked on getting out Irvine. We got some Lunch at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and then made the 4 1/2 hour drive home. Now I need to regroup and get ready for the Pancake Pentathlon in San Diego next weekend!

chilling next to the pool after warming up

100 fly

I don’t know who this is but Heidi got an excellent picture of him,
you can see my butt a body length behind

Finishing my 100IM

bonus purposeless pictures!!

3 Responses to “UC Irvine 2009 SCY Meet Wrap Up”

  1. Wendy says:

    Very well done!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks, you were right… I used up all my bad luck on Saturday!

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