My goal this week is to finish a full 200 fly without stopping, puking, or passing out. Sounds easy enough right? I got close-ish today. I did a 125 breathed deeply for about 35 seconds and then finished the 200. I probably should have brought my inhaler tonight, I needed every little bit of lung capacity I could muster. I’m going to keep trying this week and see what happens. If I go to the Rose Bowl meet on Saturday I want to attempt the 200 fly. I’m not going to make a call on going to the Rose Bowl meet until late this week though. If it’s going to be super duper rainy I don’t think I want to torture myself with 200 flys and 400 IMs. Plus I don’t want to drop the money on a hotel room if I don’t have to.

Tonight’s workout was pretty decent, I’m still feeling it in my upper arms anyways.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick
200 free

200 Fly (broken into 125 & 75)

100 kick

Repeat 5x

100 free
50 fly

50 kick
200 cool down

2000 yards total

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