I’m doing a 35-ish mile bike ride tomorrow morning as long as the weather is reasonable, so I didn’t want to burn myself out in the pool tonight. I just wanted to stay loose and get in a little yardage, keep my feel for the water.

Warm Up
600 free

2 x 50 fly
50 back
50 breast
2 x 50 free

100 IM

50 free fast

200 cool down

1250 yards total

My swim was short but I worked the middle pretty hard. My left shoulder is acting up again which isn’t good. I’m mid Icy Hot burn right now in hopes of mellowing it out. Every once and a while it just grinds in a really painful way, I guess its a good thing I’ll be on the bike tomorrow instead of swimming a meet. I should be cool by the time I hit the water in Irvine Sunday morning for my meet there.

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