I made a quick run to the pool tonight and got in a good but short workout. I was a little crunched on time so I tried to get as much out of my workout as possible. In the next week I want to try and do a full 200 fly with out breaks. I’ve done anywhere from 250 to 400 yards in a set recently, but never 200 yards consecutively.

The pool was more crowded than usual so I made sure to assert my dominance over the lane I had via butterfly. Nobody wants to share a lane with a butterflyer :)

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

100 fly
75 fly
50 fly
25 fly

100 kick
150 cool down

In other swimming news/drama… there’s a picture floating around that is supposedly Micheal Phelps smoking a bong. Personally I don’t think it’s him. Not that I think he wouldn’t do it, I just don’t think that’s him. I just think the guy in the picture kinda sort of looks like Mikey P. so they ran with it. You can read more over at Tony’s SCAQ Blog and various gossip sites on the web. If it is him… well I hope he’s been good about saving his money!

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