If you follow elite swimming at all, you’re probably familiar with Mel Stewart, or ‘Gold Medal Mel.’ He’s an Olympic Gold Medalist, swimming evangelist, active swim blogger, and one of the best 200m flyers of all time.

Mel posted a video on his blog today that looks like it was taken right next to the Pismo pier and a 5 minute walk from the pool I train at. And to think he didn’t give Pismo Beach’s preeminent swim blogger a call :)

If you ever wondered what it looks like where I live here you go…

If you like reading about swimming I recommend checking out his blog GoldMedalMel.com. He definitely has a passion for swimming and swimmers. If you’re unfamiliar with Mel as a swimmer this might get you up to speed…

2 Responses to “Gold Medal Mel in Pismo?”

  1. Mel says:


    You were correct. Please forgive me! The Stewart Family will be back in Pismo soon, and we’ll make sure to say hello! Many thanks for the shout-out.


  2. Rob D says:

    I’ll let it slide this time :) I hope you guys had fun out here on the central coast, there’s not a lot to do but it is permanently beautiful outside!

    BTW, I like the new look on your site, it seems to fit you better. The brighter color scheme is a lot more upbeat than the dark green you had going on before.