Everyone’s GTD Pal, Mary Sweat, sent out an e-mail today to everyone in the Go the Distance program and I just wanted to share a few fun facts with you guys…

Go the Distance started in 2007 with 364 swimmers. When we last talked to Mary in her swimmer profile here on the blog back in December, GTD had 604 swimmers. Today it’s up to 780+ swimmers!!!

In January GTD swimmers amassed 19,125 miles. To put that in perspective, the Earth is 24,900 miles around. Cumulatively we’ve almost done one lap around the planet. Per swimmer the average comes out to 24.52 miles. One swimmer did an epic 179.58 miles! That’s the equivalent of swimming from my house to Hollywood. Me… I did… um, not that many miles… but I have plenty of excuses, most of them legitimate even. February should be a much better month for me.

If you haven’t looked into Go the Distance I recommend you check it out. It’s a pretty cool USMS program plus it’s free! You can read more here or on USMS.org

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