After freezing my ass off intermittently during the UC Irvine Masters meet this weekend I was reminded that I lack the ultimate swim accessory… a sweet swim parka.

I used to have one when I swam in Wisconsin. Seeing as Wisconsin high school swim season is in winter I was of the opinion that parkas were the best idea ever. When I moved to California I had to give back my team parka and I never ended up buying a new one… mainly because I was a kid with no money and my parents weren’t about to buy me a giant coat because California isn’t all that cold to a Wisconsinite, even a wet one.

Well now that I’m an adult I’m going to go ahead and over do it a little bit… I ordered up a plain black parka from last night. I’m too weird to just leave it as is however. I’m having it shipped to a buddy in Milwaukee instead of me though, he makes “Too Much Rock” stuff that I am a big fan of Fred is going to be in charge of parka awesomization for me. You can check out his stuff here. I’m very stoked to see what happens:)

Tonight I got in a good work out. I’m working on continuing my butterfly tolerance work and trying to fix my backstroke. I used to be a decent backstroker but I seem to have lost my touch. I’m planning on doing a swim practice with Conejo Simi Masters on Friday so hopefully I can figure out what my problems is then.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

Repeat x 2
100 fly
100 back
100 breast
100 free
100 IM

100 kick

Repeat x 2
50 fly
50 free

300 cool down

2300 yards total

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