The most obvious problem with my swimming to anyone paying attention is my head position. I look dead ahead when I swim instead of keeping my head down and eyes on the bottom. When I swam at the Belmont Pool in Long Beach everyone was complaining about the weird “T” on far turn… I never even saw them!

Tonight I spent a lot of time trying to get used to swimming with my head in the correct position. It’s really awkward for me. I feel lost when I can’t see where I am going. Plus my body moves a little differently, it kinda feels like I’m fishtailing. I did have a few moments of brilliance where it was dead on and I could feel why keeping my head down is the right thing to do. When I got it right I felt smooth and crisp, now I need to work on repeating that sensation for more than 5 yards at a time!

Here’s tonight’s workout:

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick
400 free
100 kick

10 x 50 IM Order
100 Kick

5 x 100 IM

200 cool down

2300 yards total

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