I love getting stuff in the mail… and today was a good day for that! First up, as you can see in the picture above, I got my suave United States Swimming Foundation Towel. Very Cool. It’s a super nice towel and you can get yourself one by making a $100 donation to the USA Swimming Foundation. If you’re looking for for an opportunity to be philanthropic check it out, you can make a donation here

My other exciting package of the day was my TYR Tracer Light!!! I was surprised at the texture of the suit’s material. It’s hard to explain. It’s not a silky smooth type of fabric like my other speedsuit, it’s got a dry, rough type of feel to it. I was worried that it wasn’t stretchy but it does have some give.

Once I finally got home I decided to try and wriggle myself into my fancy new suit just to see what would happen. Getting my feet in and getting the suit up towards my knees was way easier than expected… that’s about where the easier than expected portion ended. Getting the suit up over my quads was a challenge. It probably took me 10 minutes of carefully pulling on the seams to get the suit up to my waist. Once we got there I had some pretty serious doubts about this thing making it all the way to my shoulders. I pulled as much of the suit up around my thighs and over my butt as I could. Then I thought skinny and worked on getting a shoulder strap in place – not easy dude. I was really worried that this thing was going to explode. I took another deep breath and got the second strap in place. Now for the hardest of hard parts… zipping. It took Heidi a while to figure out how to pull the suit together and zip at the same time without hurting me and destroying my Tracer Light.

After 20 minutes of struggling I was in and zipped. The suit was really tight (obviously) and I could feel how supporting the structure of the suit would be of different muscle groups. I’m going to break this out for the meet at CalTech and see how it feels in the water.

Just in case you all were curious… getting out is waaaay easier.

In other me-getting-stuff news, my awesomized swim parka is getting shipped Thursday. I am very stoked to see what my buddy Fred at TooMuchMetal.com has in store for me!

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